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How to Drive Your Bankruptcy Attorney Crazy!
Today is one of those days I have to vent.  I know, you’re thinking that this is not a good format for venting, after all, I am supposed to be dealing with bankruptcy issues in Fort Collins…  But there are those days that being a bankruptcy attorney in Fort Collins is not as sexy as it might sound.  Bear with me today as I go over some of my current frustrations, and hopefully you will at least learn how not to frustrate your bankruptcy attorney in Fort Collins to the brink of driving his car into oncoming traffic.
Few people realize it, but the main reason why attorneys do not give out their personal cell phones is due to a very small portion of clients who ruin the system for everyone.  Many of my Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients and Chapter 13 bankruptcy clients are fine individuals who are generous and respectful people, who only call when there is an actual question or issue at stake.
Then there are the 3 percent-ers.
You know who you are.  You are the person who stares at the clock at 10 pm on a Sunday, and with burning question in mind picks up the  phone to call your attorney’s emergency contact “do not call unless you are on fire or in jail and on fire” number.
A = Attorney
C = Client
C Mr. Attorney?
A Yes?
C I know that its late…is this a good time?
A Well, I’m actually just finished putting the 2 year old to bed and the wife just collapsed so I…
C   Good good, this will just take a second.  You know that issue that you went over with me 40 times last week and I didn’t like the answer?  You know, about keeping my three porsches and the 40K in cash under the bed?  I wanted to know, have you done any more research on this…I read an article that Obama had changed things.
A No, nothing has changed.  We went over this on Friday.
C Really?  I don’t remember this, are you sure?  I thought you told me when I hired you that this was a sure thing?

C Hello?  Hello?
Now, to all the people that are reading this and thinking “Well, what a terrible thing to do to the bankruptcy attorney who I hired and keeps me safe and protects my financial future” feel free to call.  For the people that think “Well, I paid him a hitters settlement $500.00 retainer, he should be my genie at my beck and call or I will call the attorney I found scrawled on the back on an abandoned Westword” please do our profession a favor and throw yourself in front of the nearest bus.
Then there are the fatuitous settlement scammers.  Here is the bottom line.  You will get caught.  You will be caught, you will be exposed, and the lies you tell and everyone you throw under the bus (including your attorney) to ensure that you get your way will eventually trip you up and land you flat on your ass.
Lying to turgescency settlement the court is bad enough…lying to the attorney who is representing you to this court is just stupid.  Mind blowing, wraiths settlement epic, stupidity.
I have actually had potential client in Fort Collins bounce a check off of our office.  A bankruptcy client, who writes a check…and BOUNCES it.  Intentionally.  Just so we would take eulogised settlement him as a client.  Sigh.